helloz i am valentine and i am so awesome and epic x) i luv u!!!!

i am a fan of bfb, miis, splatoon, portal, and other stuffz c(: i am also a tme nonbinary lezbiian and autistic x) it/its or mii/miir !!


plz dont follow mii if ur a weirdo x) thiz meanz if ur a pedo, racist, homophobe, ableist, just any kind of freak c(: go away!!!

also plz dont follow mii if ur friendz with john (hahahathatscool on twitter) or support their actionz!!!

ill admit i messed up a lot but that doesnt excuze wat they did 2 mii c(:

aaalso plz dont interact if u think 4x iz abusive!!! and if u dislike 4x i recommend blocking/muting mii c(: i have nothing against u you just probably wouldnt like my tweets very much

plz note i probably wont follow back if u dont have an about page!!! liek a carrd a neocitiez or anything else


bro wtf i am a kinny. KINNYZ INCLUDE BUT R NOT LIMITED 2:


agent 4 (splatoon)

main protagonist (miitopia)

glados (portal)

kinning haz a lot of personal meaning 2 mii!!! i identify az these characterz and believe i was them in a past life, and i often get memoriez of these past livez c(:

because of this i may talk about my memoriez sometimez!!!! i hope this doesnt bother u x)


i have c-ptsd and osdd-1b c(: i also probz have an anxiety disorder of sum sort !! plz bii patient with mii !!

aaalso i feel like itz important 2 note that i reclaim da d slur so if ur uncomfy w that i suggest not following !!!

plz tag homestuck, public displayz of violent anger, and any shipz involving four and x that arent 4x x) homestuck just really botherz mii but da otherz can send mii in2 a panic O_o

despite theze thingz i try 2 bii da best person i can x) ill probably bii nice 2 u if u deserve it c(: